Wednesday, March 11, 2009

One Month!

Etta is a month old now, and we decided to have a little party in her honor. We got her all dressed up in her party dress, but it was SO bizarre because she looked just like a doll. Really Weird. So, Cree made a striped hat and legwarmers (with a red glitter skull & crossbones) to offset it.
1-month birthday outfit

Later, we tried on some moustachios.
etta's 'stache

It's been really great so far, except she is now doing this weird grunty sound at night when she lies down and I can't sleep because I think she's choking. Other moms -- did your kids make weird sounds when they were tiny?


Dawn said...

Not that I remember but she's now 10 months old and growls at you have that to look forward to!!!

Jen said...

first of all, how is that baby a month old? oh my word.

and oh my word again for that dress - it's fluffier than she is! (LOVE those leggings - can i get them in almost 2-year-old size?)

and yes, deven was a snuffly baby - all kinds of little lamby sounds all the time, including while sleeping.

you could try elevating her in a boppy when she's sleeping to see if it cuts down any?

dj love said...

she is like a hipster ballerina princess who will kick your ass. love it.

pixelville said...

oooh the cuteness. that mouth is pretty much the best one I've ever seen in my entire life.

hands down.

Scootking said...

I love the moustache photo!