Thursday, February 12, 2009


I have heard saying about not understanding the love of a parent until you become one yourself. I now understand that sentiment fully. I have never felt so much love, it is just pouring out of me everywhere. I had to leave the house to go to my work for a few hours today and I thought my heart had broken in half. I was sick to my stomach and every inch of traffic felt like miles until I could be back home with her. Did I mention she is perfect?!
Enough about me here are some photos of her and her room!

At about 6 days old:

Sporting her OSU gear:

Her room:


And for you photo junkies, here's more photos from Bevin and from Jordan


Bevin said...

I love Etta Pearl!!!!

Dawn said...

I think that's the coolest room ever...boy am I jealous!

Jen said...

i've totally been dreaming of painting a tree in deven's room...are you guys for hire? i'll hold the baby. :)