Monday, November 28, 2011

Finally, belly shot!

Here's Cree at about 26 weeks. She's been feeling good for the most part, and eats a lot of bananas.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Belly shot

In the absence of an up to date photo, here's a shot of Cree from a few weeks back, sporting her limited edition Descendents t-shirt!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Hokey Pokey, take 2

Here's the audio of Etta's song, now. Hokey Pokey (mp3) She surprised me the other night when she burst into the Hokey Pokey. I had no idea she knew it, and she didn't know I knew it either, so we had a lot of fun singing it together. And a photo to look at while you listen.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hokey Pokey

Or should I say Pokey Pokey?

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fish tank

At Etta's school it's become part of the morning drop off routine to go and look at the fish tank before going to the classroom. It took me about 10 visits before I noticed the bottom-feeder fish they keep in there. It's always behind this rock, hiding out (it's a brown blob in the photo). Etta loves to look in one end and I look in the other end. It's cute, as you might imagine.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

A pregnant person's apology

I think this speaks for itself.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

In slow motion

This fall, Cree and I re-evaluated our day care transport schedule in light of our new responsibilities.  I ended up with morning drop-off since she has to be at work much earlier and thankfully I can be a little flexible.  Etta has to be at school around 9, and then Cree goes to pick her up by 4, so I drop her off and then come home later.

This sounds simple, right?

It's not.  My supervisor at work affectionately calls this process of getting out of the house "The Morning Marathon" and it's amazing how time gets absorbed into some black hole, which is parts negotiation, and parts trickery.  Some days, I'm exhausted by the time I get to work!

Yesterday was one of these days.  Etta is the Queen of Getting Sidetracked, which requires me to be the Regent of Distraction from Distraction Techniques.  If you live with a toddler, you will know that this is hard work.  Here's a little timeline from yesterday morning.

7:35 - I am getting ready (and letting Etta sleep a little longer, because it's easier) when she begins calling out "Mama!  Mama!  I'm up!!!"

7:40 - Etta is reading books while I attempt to cajole her to come to the bathroom and use the potty.

7:41 - Brings books to bathroom.   Has to go back for one she forgot.

7:42 - Refuses to use the potty.

7:43 - I am able to partially undress her while she looks at the books

7:45 - She realizes what I am doing, and then wants to take off her diaper herself.  Throws diaper on floor.

7:46 - Refuses to use the potty again.

7:47 - Cat comes in and books are forgotten.

7:50 - Follows cat around, and I suggest we show the cat how we wash our hands (which is really bait for brushing teeth.)

7:52 - Wants to use two toothbrushes (mental note: I need to hide that travel toothbrush).

7:54 - Begin brushing teeth while I brush her hair.

7:57 - Drinks from sink (thanks to Cree for that one.)

8:00 - I put on her diaper and clothing and tell her I'm going to get dressed.  She comes in and puts on my shoes.

8:10 - Wears my shoes downstairs to show the other cat.

8:13 - Begins eating breakfast.  Shoes fall off.

8:15 - I pack diapers and snack for after school (we have a train ride after school to Cree's work!).

8:19 - Finishes breakfast.  I am making some for myself and she starts to play.

8:23 - Plays with stickers.

8:27 - I eat.  She notices that one of her dolls is crying (her favorite emotion to assign) and brings her to me for comfort.  I finish eating with the doll on my lap.

8:32 - Plays with another baby doll & pretend food.

8:35 - I begin packing my lunch.

8:38 - Empties pretend food all over the floor.

8:44 - I put shoes on her and start moving toward door.  I turn off kitchen light.

8:46 - Returns to kitchen to put babies in play shopping cart.  Says, "I need five babies in here."

8:48 - Pushes cart to door, negotiates one baby to take to car.  I take this as a win for me, so out we go.

8:49 - Looks for a leaf on the ground, must take it to the car.

8:50 - Drive to day care & find parking spot 3 blocks away.  Must remember stroller, backpack, my lunch, my bag and coffee.

9:02 - Refuses stroller.  I persuade her by offering a (premeditated) snack.  Gets in stroller.

9:03 - Walk 3 blocks to day care.

9:09 - Get in elevator and move toward classroom.  Gets out of stroller and runs to fish tank.

9:11 - Looks at fish and I hustle her back to classroom.  Kiss goodbye.

9:14 - I return to entrance, sign her in, put away stroller, and walk/run to work.

9:34 - Arrive at work.  Did I mention I had a 9:30 meeting?  Late for meeting.

This is how the minutes are sucked away.  Two hours to get ready and to work?  It's ridiculous, but this is how things are now.  When the new baby is ready for day care, I'm going to have to get up 3 hours earlier than when I need to be anywhere.   Or get a nanny.