Thursday, April 16, 2009

Two months

I can't believe it's been two months already! She is beginning to be a little more interactive, smiling and actually looking at you when you talk to her. Here are some new photos of the little angel.

Here's a closeup.

And here she is, ready for baseball season. Not that I really care too much about baseball, but this shirt is so cute, and it's nice to be a part of the excitement. The smile is really the high point of this one though, obviously.
Go Phillies

This is her Easter outfit. It has crinoline underneath and was really slippery.
Easter outfit

Also, Bevin posted a ton of photos from Easter at our house, including some of us eating, Etta sleeping, and this awesome video of her pooping. Etta, not Bevin.


Dawn said...

My god is she cute! And the pooping video is so a classic!

Bevin said...

To be fair, I truly believed she was just smiling when she was pooping, though was immediately corrected once the video was done rolling. Then Cree and I went to change the diaper, and by Cree and I, mostly it was Cree. You should blog about how you use cloth wet ones and poop spray.

pixelville said...

Yay for more pics of Etta. That pooping video is hysterical. It has high school graduation humiliation written all over it.

(and the really funny thing is the word verification I had to type in below was "turde". does someone make these line up with your subject matter?)