Thursday, September 25, 2008

not unlike the jeans problem

In my new job I am lucky enough to work with many people I'd call friends, including the Burger Baroness. We get to spend many lunches together and so we talk a lot about the impending baby. I've gleaned a few memorable quotes from her in the past month, but the best situation was last week, when we went to the Food Court for burritos and a root beer (for me).

She was saying how I barely looked pregnant and I was saying that the particular pair of pants had this wide elastic waist that helped to smooth the belly a little. One complaint I have about these particular pants is that the waistband is a little snug sometimes -- I might be wearing it a little too high or something, so maybe it will improve once I'm a little bigger and it can act as support -- and I conveyed this complaint to her.

She returned this classic: "Oh, that's okay -- it just looks like you have a muffin top."



Anonymous said...

Jess is right on!

Noelle said...

um, this blog is adorable.

Katie said...

holy cow! back in town! preggers! right on.

Anonymous said...

This post made me laugh for the first time in two days. Thanks!