Tuesday, September 23, 2008

ahh relief

I went to the mall over the weekend and found two pair of pretty adequate maternity jeans that I think I'll be able to wear for the rest of the pregnancy. They are so much more comfortable that I've already packed my other jeans away.

We were at the mall with our good friends Serra and The Professor and we were talking about how a fetus has a light covering of hair in the womb that helps to keep them warm. I've also been telling them all about my newly found emotionality, which I think prompted this conversation:

The Prof: Oh, that's so sweet.

Me: I think it's kind of icky, actually -- a hairy baby.

The Prof: But what if it was a hairy baby saying really sweet thing?

Me: Mm, no.

The Prof: What if it was a mom thinking about how much she loved her hairy baby?

I start welling up.

She was trying to make me cry!! I totally tattled on her to Cree.

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Jen said...

wait 'til she/he comes out and is still vaguely fuzzy. talk about welling up! it's unavoidable. :)