Saturday, September 20, 2008

I'm scared of my jeans.

I have these two pair of maternity jeans that Cree lovingly picked up for me at the thrift store. I was so excited to have them, because I knew that I wouldn't really want to spend a bunch of money on pants I can only wear for 6 months or so (I'm that way). I may have mentioned (several times) how I can't really wear my clothes anymore and that's especially true for jeans because they aren't very stretchy.

This may have finally hit me when I went to our friends' house to watch football and found myself in the video rocker, pants completely unzipped, like Al Bundy. Not pretty.

So, I have the maternity jeans. The other night I put them on and they are WAY comfortable, like they should be, and I was feeling pretty good. I asked Cree what she thought and she said something along the lines of

They make your butt look pretty long. Can you pull them down?

Long? What does that mean exactly? We're still unpacking so I had to work my way toward a mirror and then I saw it.

So now what? Cree (again, lovingly) offered to move the pockets down. I think it will really help, but I may have to break down for a pair of 2008 maternity jeans that I feel good wearing out to dinner or something. Or maybe just switch to skirts?


Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm glad you're posting, glad you're back in Philly, and glad to hear you're having a kid!

Hope to see you soon!

pixelville said...

I've been really glad to read your posts too. We miss you guys!! Had scootking's bday dinner this weekend and it made me wish wish wish you were there.

You won't believe it but I broke another toe this weekend. This time I just stubbed it on a big wooden block in our basement, but can you believe it -- another broken toe on the weekend of her bday celebration. What could it mean?

Bee said...

Another broken toe? Hopefully this one was way less gory and maybe less painful?

Jen said...

at some point, i just made peace with jeans up to my armpits. the lower-waisted (read: newer) kind just wouldn't stay up on me!

oh and also: long shirts.