Thursday, September 18, 2008

Kick in the gut

So, I'm 18 weeks along now and there is starting to be some action. By action, I mean that I can feel the baby moving! About a week ago, I caught this nasty cold and was in bed more than usual. I felt a weird thing and luckily Cree was there so I grabbed her hand and she felt it too! Now, it happens all the time. Usually when I am sitting or lying down and most often after I've eaten.

I wonder if at some point it will feel less exciting, but right now I can't help but smile every time it happens. It makes me seem like a very happy lady.

People have asked what it feels like. The Books say that it feels like "popcorn popping" (Ha! I almost typed pooping) or "butterflies" but I think it feels similar to when you put your hand on your pulse points in your neck. Try it, put your fingers on your neck like you are taking your pulse. Then imagine it's a little stronger than that, irregular and in your lower abdomen. Does anyone else have a good description?


Dawn said... never gets less exciting! I think popcorn popping (I almost put pooping too!) is pretty accurate. Just wait until you are a little further along, it feels like someone iceskating in your belly...just gliding back and forth, back and forth/

Bee said...

Ice skating! That's crazy! It makes me wonder what that kid is doing in there, all bouncing around.

Jen said...

fishtail flipping! that's how i described it the first time. popcorn popping is pretty good but it never felt like butterflies to me.

i also never got ice skating but i got some crazy superball-like bouncing and what felt like jumping jacks later on.