Monday, September 29, 2008

It's getting ridiculous

I seriously think I am getting bigger every day. I STILL haven't exactly located the cord that allows you to upload photos to your computer, but hopefully there will be photos soon.

Speaking of photos, our friend H came for a spur-of-the-moment visit and brought her two toddlers (2 & 3 1/2) along. Talk about getting some practice! Those two are a super-handful. They are really cute though, and can be very sweet when they aren't throwing things onto the floor, and sometimes even then. On Saturday, I took a nap in the afternoon and awoke to a newly painted kitchen!! It was very exciting, and it has been really motivating toward getting some additional painting done. This week, I hope to finish up the dining room and paint the bathroom.

I will also renew my search for the camera cord so I can post photos of the house too.


dj love said...

i can't wait until you can rest a coffee mug or cereal bowl on your belly. that's what i'm talking about!

Bevin said...

I think your ability to see children throwing stuff on the floor as a cute thing is a good sign for your impending parenthood.