Monday, January 12, 2009

34 weeks!

Cree noticed that I've got a few things from The Great Maternity Clothing Gift that I hadn't worn yet, so I decide to sport one of the cute button-ups that I hadn't gotten around to wearing. I put it on, and it's almost too small!!
I guess that happens, but I didn't ever think I'd be growing OUT of maternity clothes! Especially shirts. I've grown out of a couple pair of pants already, actually.

We're big Philadelphia Eagles fans, and for any of you pro football watchers out there, you know that they are (inexplicably) in the playoffs, and doing pretty well. We were watching the game yesterday and Cree was yelling at the tv in her typical fashion and said to one of the players, "Aw, get up you baby! You're not even pregnant!!"

I asked for clarification, "Did you say that because it takes me such a long time to get out of the bed, or a chair?"

Obviously, the answer is yes.

It's hilarious. It really does take me forever to do pretty much anything now. I have become one of those slow-movers which definitely interferes with my perceived efficiency. Oh well. A by-product.


Dawn said...

You still look adorable! WOOHOO 34 weeks! Can't wait to see this baby!

Bee said...

You are so sweet. I can't wait to see her either!! It's like some crazy mystery surprise or something.

pixelville said...

You may not be perceived as efficient right now, but you are pretty much the epitome of productivity. And the very best kind.

pixelville said...

Oh and one more thing. In order to post my last comment I had to type the following random assembly of letters as my word verification: cootshea