Sunday, December 7, 2008


For Thanksgiving we had a couple of friends over, and made WAY too much food.

Cree is a vegetarian and I don't eat much meat (more since being prego) but in spite of that we brined a 17 lb. turkey for 3 people to eat. That's crazy, and luckily someone took the thing home with them so I didn't have to feel guilty for throwing it away.

Bevin came and she brought the newest installment of Cute Knitted Baby Wear.

Can you take it?

and my current belly shot.


waterlilysage said...

hullo belly!

dj love said...

is that a knitted tank?
i don't get it.
your belly is beautiful.
can't wait to meet the muffin inside.

Bee said...

Yes, it's a knitted tank. It's real cute.

pixelville said...

Bee, maybe you should wear that knitted tank...

Could be cute.