Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Isn't that nice of me?

I don't know if it's some kind of hormonal thing, but I've been really nice. And I'm feeling really happy. It's kind of weird, actually. Not that I'm some big jerk normally, but I've noticed the past few weeks that I've put priority on doing nice things for people, and Cree is the primary recipient.

For example, I might make her some coffee on a day when I'm already running a little behind because I think she'd appreciate it. This is not earth-shattering, but it is a difference from before. I read in one of The Books that there is something to the happy-pregnancy-hormones, so I'm leaning toward that. It makes up for the crying a few months ago, I guess.

Also, since some of you were interested, I'll give you a Halloween update. I had my costume all ready, and The Burger Baroness came over to get ready for the party. Cree helped her make her costume, and it was killer, by the way. Here's a borrowed shot:

We're getting ready, and then 9:30 (maybe) rolled around and we still hadn't left. It was pretty much curtains from there and I ended up not even going to the party because I was all tired or something. So I didn't get to wear my costume, but I put a variant of it on so I could share it with all of you.

Do you get it?


dj love said...

britney spears?
ooops you did it again?
let me know

Bee said...

yay, you win! i wish i had a prize to send you.

dj love said...

come visit after you have the baby and we have a house. that will be my prize.