Monday, October 6, 2008

Baby appointment

We had our first appointment at the Birth Center on Friday (Cree's bday!). They were very nice and gracious about us being late and it went smoothly. We were there for about an hour or so and talked about family history kinds of things, as well as other prep stuff. I had a quick exam and that was it! They have a lending library, and offer yoga classes, and other kinds of stuff in the group space there.

They have 6 midwives and while we won't know who's on call the day the baby comes, we'll definitely have a chance to meet them all by that time so we can be comfortable with whoever it ends up being.

I had to make a separate ultrasound appointment at a hospital for the "anatomy scan" which will tell us the baby's sex. It took me a minute to understand what an anatomy scan was, I was thinking MY anatomy! So funny. Anyway, that's set up for October 24th, so we can assign the name then. I have been calling the baby "It" or "The Kid" pretty routinely, so it will be nice to have a name to use instead.


dj love said...

might i recommend the name donna jean? you could call her dj for short.

pixelville said...

Or you could just stick with It or The Kid. Both would be unusual and familiar at the same time.