Friday, October 10, 2008

Another milestone

This week, for the first time, someone who didn't know I was pregnant made a comment about it.

She is someone I work with who pointed it out in passing, saying, 'I remembered you being skinny' (or something like that), demonstrating that it is now obvious enough that I am not just putting on a few pounds.

That said, no one has offered me a seat on the public transportation or anything -- I'm not holding my breath for that one. I don't think people are actually that polite.

And here's a couple of photos I took while I was waiting for the trolley this morning.

This is my view:

And this is the side view:

The stripes only add drama.


dj love said...

so can you no longer see your shoes?
or is it just about the way you were standing? my friend kim is having twin boys (due in january) and last night jes and i got to feel one them kicking like crazy. i had to hold back tears.

Jen said...

i don't think people are that polite either, bee. in fact, when i was a thousand weeks pg at comfest, i had someone nearly ash on my belly. seriously.

i was forced to say, hey - there's a baby in here a-hole!

Bee said...

ASHed on your belly??!?!!! O.M.G. That is so far the opposite of polite, I can't stand it.

dj love said...

if i ever get pregnant and someone ashes on my belly i will turn around and punch them in the throat. for reals.