Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I somehow, mistakenly, thought that the food drama would be over after the first trimester. Over the weekend, I slept in a little (9 am) and then Cree wasn't feeling well so I made her some tea, let the dog out, etc., so I didn't get around to eating right away.

I quickly got past that because about 9:30 I felt so nauseated that I literally had to run upstairs to sit in front of the toilet in the I'm-about-to-puke position. I couldn't figure it out! I (thankfully!!) hadn't gotten sick at all during the whole first trimester, and even the nauseated feeling I had back then was low-grade compared to this. Luckily, the wave passed and I was able to wolf down a banana before it came back.

My lesson here is that I still need to pay close attention to eating regularly. I would never have guessed that 9:30 was not regular enough, but now I know. Eat first, other stuff later.


pixelville said...

"Eat first, other stuff later" is a good life lesson. I have learned that the hard way in several situations.

These include:
1. Eat first, get your blood drawn later.
2. Eat first, spend 6 hours editing your video later.
3. Eat first, drop sink on your foot later.

Jen said...

i used to keep a stash of granola bars by my bed because getting ready in the morning - or even getting down the stairs - took too long! for me, it was good to get something in the belly IMMEDIATELY upon waking...otherwise, prepare for the waves of yuck.

(also: this remains true as long as you're nursing...only it's unquenchable thirst too. good times.)

hey, you've been a posting fool - woot! off to comment some more! :D