Friday, September 5, 2008

Doctors are a pain

Well, not all of them. We went to this really great one before we moved -- everyone in the office was really friendly and helpful and the doctor herself was really nice and actually acted like she was excited for us. I don't know if it's an east coast thing, but our experience here was definitely not as easy.

I first thought I'd just go back to the office I went to when we live here before. I made the appointment, and we waited 45 minutes in the waiting room without so much as a sheet of paperwork to fill out. We had a short conference where we decided that we'd rather not deal with it, so we left.

Then, I called this place that was recommended by a couple of friends who go there (one of whom is trying to get pregnant now) and the lady who answered the phone made it seem like this exclusive club: "We don't take people past 16 weeks" and when I tried to move my appointment from Friday to Tuesday during the call: "Are you sure? Because you can't change it again or else we can't take you." It made me feel really welcome and cared for.

Then I watched The Business of Being Born, which I'd definitely recommend for anyone who is planning to or wants to have a baby. Or even if you just care about someone who might have a baby someday. The film, combined with my recent experiences at doctor's offices helped us decide to again pursue looking for a birth center.

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