Sunday, September 7, 2008

The birth center

We made an appointment at this birth center in the suburbs. It's only about a 20 minute drive, which is at least how long it would take to get downtown to the hospital, and it's definitely going to have easy parking. It's also right across the street from their backup hospital, for those of you who worry.

We are going to an introductory seminar next week, and then we have an appointment the first week of October (on Cree's birthday!).

I'm really excited about going here, the people on the phone were very warm and friendly, and they sent us out an information packet which only helped us know that we made the right decision. On top of all that, it's covered by my insurance, which I'm thrilled about. I am willing to pay outright for quality midwifery care, but it's even better if my insurance can do so on my behalf.

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Jen said...

while i had a pretty great experience with my doctor's office (and a conventional birth), that was after being really turned off by a few other offices so yeah, i feel for you.

i'm so glad midwifery and the birth center are covered by your insurance - that place looks awesome!