Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A year has passed!

Well, now we're pregnant again!  We're expecting baby #2 in late February, so I was reminded that this blog is a nice way to keep track of the pregnancy.  I came back, and man, it's been a long time.

Q: Can you realistically cover an entire year in one blog post?
 A: No But we can post some photos that show how things have changed!

First bites of solid food (ew! rice cereal!)

Hang on a second. I just realized that TWO years have passed!! That definitely means we won't cover it all. Get ready for the fast-forward version...

Developed obsession with first (of many, many) singing toys from Mammaw & Pappaw.  This one sings some version of the Witch Doctor song and is a dog dressed like a pumpkin.  Ostensibly in the spirit of Halloween.

Got an adorable red satin and velvet fur-trimmed dress for holiday time.

Grew in teeth just in time to chew hands during holiday photos.

 Dressed up as Teen Wolf for Halloween.  Yes, we were in costume too -- as the dad and Stiles.

Went to Thanksgiving parade here in Philly because we couldn't get it together to go to New York.
Saw the holiday lights at Wanamakers.

Left cookies for Santa!!
Opened xmas presents in pj's.
Turned two, and opened presents again!  A remote control truck! Thanks Pappaw!
Continued love of water fountains.

So that's that. I guess we're all up to date!  More to come soon!


Noelle said...

awesome. I now feel like I know it all!

Bee said...

You do! And thanks for the encouragement.

Bevin said...

TEAM MUPPET FACE!! That's my favorite family portrait ever!

Also I miss Etta and must come visit soon!

katierizzio said...

Congratulations!! That's super news! Huzzah.