Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Say Anything

Aside from "How is she sleeping?" people offer lots of opinions and commentary about our kid when we're out and about. Here are some recent gems:

"How old is she? I have a three-month old and he is SO MUCH bigger than her. Is she holding her head up okay?"

"When I got married, I knew I loved my wife, but it wasn't like.. new, you know? Having a kid, it's like a love I never knew I had."

and my personal favorite...

"She looks like a pug."

In other, more cheerful news, we're maybe going camping over the holiday weekend! It will be Etta's first tent camping trip and will surely result in some cute photos that hopefully won't take me 3 months to post.

1 comment:

ktmckee2000 said...

People are crazy when it comes to comments about your style of parenting, the size of your child, what they are eating, etc, etc, etc. I mostly choose to ignore them :)

Etta is absolutely adorable by the way. I hope that we get to see her in August.