Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Follow up to breastfeeding post

Somehow, just making that formula decision helped me realize that there are more things I can do to increase our stockpile of breastmilk. It's like there is this safety net that is helping me feel more confident or something.

I went to the La Leche League website and read through the forums on pumping, which were really useful. I think I was afraid they'd say something crazy like Formula Is The Devil, but of course that didn't happen and there were lots of posts from other women struggling with the same issues. I read some suggestions that will make the process of pumping at work go more quickly, and hopefully be more productive.

I've also gone back to pumping some more on the days I'm home and I think those incremental sessions will also really help.

Thanks for being out there, you guys.

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pixelville said...

Good job! It's nice to hear you working through this process and coming up with better solutions both on the formula side and on the more and better ways of pumping side.

Nicely done ladies!!