Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Seminar

We went last week to our "Introductory Seminar" at The Birth Center. We were a few minutes late, but thankfully several other couples came in after us. It was pretty packed, with about 20 couples there -- we were definitely the only queers, but the midwives carefully always said "partner" which I appreciate. I also am pretty sure that everyone else lives somewhere in the suburbs, and one couple said they were traveling an hour and twenty minutes to be there, which I thought was a testament to how much they wanted to be in a place where they had some control over their experiences.

The seminar was very interesting, they offered a solid explanation of their philosophy, unplanned transfer rate (to the hospital: 15%), c-section rate (10%) and all those kinds of things. It fell right into line with what we were looking for, so now I just need to call and verify that my insurance covers everything I think it does. Woo!

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