Sunday, August 3, 2008

Getting bigger

I have grown out of my first pair of pants. It's week 12, and I know that everyone gains weight at different rates, but it was a strange feeling to take my pants off and have all kinds of those lines on my skin from when your clothes are too tight. I've already quit wearing some of my bras, but somehow that didn't seem as significant. We went shopping for maternity clothes at the outlet store, and I got some really cute things, that I hope will be practical and functional. Cree has been lurking around the thrift stores and has found some really good stuff in there, so slowly I'm building a wardrobe.

I realized today that I'm going to need a winter coat. The one I have now is one of those short ones with the elastic around the waist and it will definitely not work in a few months.


Jen said...

don't discount the rubberband trick either. wrap a rubberband around the pants button, loop it through the hole and then back around the button. it gave me a few more weeks in my regular pants. so happy to see you have a blog makes it easier to stalk, i mean, stay in touch. :) xoxo jen

Dawn said...

You'll be back in your pants before you know it! In the meantime just know it's totally worth it!