Monday, July 21, 2008

It happens

It actually happened much more quickly than we thought. We tried twice last summer with no positive results. The first time we were absolutely sure it had taken (I guess that's a common feeling) and the second time there were so many other stressful things happening in our lives that it was pretty much statistically impossible. We decided to wait until spring and then we wanted to maximize the likelihood of a pregnancy as much as we could.

I quit drinking caffeinated beverages. I started taking Red Clover and Folic Acid supplements. I'd been doing this, and tracking my cycle since December, at least, so we decided to go for it in May.

It was Memorial Day weekend, and we knew we wanted to inseminate twice during the Window of Opportunity so we ordered two samples. The first one we did at home and the second we did at the doctor's office.

The first few days passed super-slowly as we waited. We weren't going to take a pregnancy test because we didn't want to jinx anything, but as the days became longer and longer we changed our minds, but the real proof actually came a few days before.

We were going to dinner at a Thai place, and I'd been having a little bit of spotting. I was all freaked out about it, and was convinced that I was going to start my period. We got to the parking lot of the restaurant and I started crying and going on about how I didn't know what I wanted for dinner, and that I needed a haircut! Cree looked at me and said, "um, I am pretty sure you are pregnant."

A few days later, I peed on that stick, and her suspicions were confirmed.

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